The Pelicans are the number 1 seed in the Western Conference. They played the Suns on Friday and won in tremendous fashion. At the end of the game, Zion Williamson did a 360 dunk as the clock was expiring. As a former basketball player usually that is frowned upon; however, Chris Paul didn't dribble out the clock and tried to draw a foul on a layup. Thus all rules are out the window.

After that dunk, the teams had a commotion going on at the center court. Well after the game there was a Suns media member named Tom Chambers who called for the Suns' players specifically Bismack Biyombo to injure Zion Williamson.

Other members of the Suns' media chimed in.

For them to be so upset over a dunk is ridiculous. But for the media members to say they want Zion on his back is absolutely egregious. The referees in today's matchup with the Suns need to be watching them closely so nothing dirty happens. And if something dirty does happen we know who initiated the charge, Tom Chambers and the Suns' Media crew.

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