In the world of sports, there's a saying that is universal throughout all sports "when ya look good, ya play good"! Throughout the Saints' history as a franchise, they have had some pretty good-looking jerseys. We asked you what were the best Saints jersey of all time, we tallied up the votes and we have the top 5 Saints jerseys of all time.

Well, without further adieu let's get down to business!!

5. 2002 Alternate Gold Uniforms

Coming in at number five we have the Saints alternate gold uniforms with the black pants. When I see this jersey I instantly think of Aaron Brooks, Joe Horn, and Jim Haslett. This uniform isn't really associated with winning but it does look sweet. But Im glad it comes in at number five and not any higher.

4. 1967 White Road Uniform

In the number four spot, we have the 1967 white road uniform. This jersey is a classic Saints jersey. The gold inside the numbers with the gold pants looks really good. A lot of the early NFL jerseys didn't have too much flare but a team from New Orleans always has to show out and this jersey definitely accomplished that.

3. 1967-1974 Black and Gold Throwback Uniform

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v New Orleans Saints
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The number three jersey choice was two votes away from being in the number two spot and four votes away from the number one spot. This uniform is loved by many. This jersey was primarily worn from 1967-1974. But the beloved jersey was brought back multiple times throughout history. The Dome Patrol Saints wore it in the early 1990s. That was a beloved team and thus it's a beloved jersey. But it also helps that the black and gold color scheme that is used on the jersey really looks good together. Every time this jersey is brought back fans go nuts.

2. The 2001 All-Black Uniforms

Photo Credit: Twitter/New Orleans Saints
Photo Credit: Twitter/New Orleans Saints

Coming in at the number two spot we have the Saints all black uniforms. The all blacks debuted in 2001 and have become a fan favorite instantly. In my opinion, there is only one Saints jersey that's better and it's coming up shortly at the number one spot. But this jersey is just clean and it also adds some viciousness. When you see the Saints with face paint and these all-black uniforms you know they are ready for war.

1. The All White Color Rush Uniforms

Photo Credit: Twitter/New Orleans Saints
Photo Credit: Twitter/New Orleans Saints

Finally, at the number one spot, we have the Saints' all-white color rush uniforms. When the NFL released the color rush jerseys fans were extremely excited to see something new league-wide and in my opinion, the Saints have the best color rush jersey. The gold trim with the white top and pants just looks extremely clean and has so much swagger. Anytime the Saints wear these jerseys I expect a victory.

The NFL season is almost here and that means we will see these uniforms in action soon enough. And with the cupcake schedule the Saints have, hopefully, a lot of those games end up with the Saints taking the victory.

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