Going into Sunday's matchup the Ragin Cajuns had already won the series against Texas State as they extend their Sun Belt series record to 78 wins. Louisiana was looking to complete the series with a sweep. Well, the Cajuns did just that as they defeated Texas State 7-0.

The Cajuns bats were on fire today. Mihyia Davis had a great day as she had 2 hits, a double, and batted in 3 runners. Jourdyn Campbell secured 1 hit and batted in 2 runners. And finally, Alexa Langeliers hit a double and batted in 1 runner as well.

Now when it comes to the Cajuns pitching, Meghan Schorman started the game. She finished with an era of 1.91 and 3 strikeouts. Sam Landry came in in the 4th inning. Landry finished with an era of 2.14 and she threw 6 strikeouts.

The Cajuns look to take the field again this Tuesday against Southeastern Louisiana. The game will begin at 6:00 pm with the pregame kicking off at 5:45 pm. The game will air on Talk Radio KROF 960!

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