It’s no secret that the NFL has had a betting issue in the last couple of years. Several high-profile players have been exposed for sports betting which is not allowed in the NFL. Calvin Ridley was the first big-name star to get penalized as the former Atlanta Falcon was suspended for an entire season after it was discovered he had placed several NFL-related bets. Since the Ridley case, the NFL has decided to do a more in-depth investigation of the league players and their ties to sports betting as multiple cases have begun to surface this off-season. The most recent case came earlier this week with Colts running back Isaiah Rogers.

While a majority of fans find that players who don’t bet on or against their own teams shouldn’t be an issue, the NFL is not backing down. The NFL is trying to send a message to players across the league warning them to not get involved in sports betting in any way shape, or form.

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They are sending a message by making an example out of other players and a literal message through a well-known and respected former player. The league has decided to pursue the help of future hall-of-famer, Tom Brady, by asking to make a video warning players of the consequences of sports betting.

According to multiple NFL insiders, Brady delivered a powerful message about how betting on league games can undermine the integrity of the league and tarnish the reputation of everyone associated with the team. He goes on to say that risking it all for a bet is simply not worth it. While the video has not surfaced yet, many fans took to Twitter to immediately criticize the NFL’s choice of Tom Brady as the spokesperson for this video. Tom Brady will be known as the GOAT when it comes to winning on the field but many still remember the man whose name is associated with two cheating scandals. Brady was a part of the Patriots squad that was accused of using cameras to film the Jets’ practices. The infamous deflate gate happened a few years later where Brady was accused of having his ball boys take air pressure out of the footballs to allow him to grip the ball better in sloppy conditions.

Regardless if you believe these were petty deeds or have “no evidence behind them”, fans believe that the NFL could have gone with a better option. Here are just a few social media reactions to the news.

Some fans believe that because Tom Brady has had his mistakes in the past, it makes him an even better candidate for getting through to these players who may think sports betting is worth the risk. What do you believe, do you like the move by the NFL or do you think they should have gone with someone else?

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