The Buccaneers started their game on Sunday against the Bengals in an unusual fashion for them this season.

They were hot, scoring a pair of touchdowns and a field goal before the Bengals offense arrived in the stadium.

Tom Brady was proving all the doubters wrong again, and the hot Bengals looked like they were finally going to be cooled off.

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But this was to be expected, Brady, in his usual cool calm way, explained on a Sirius XM radio show that the Bengals defense was "fairly tough" and thus would be a simple opponent for the GOAT...


Oh... oh boy.

Joe Shiesty was not to be denied, scoring 4 touchdowns in the second half and turning a halftime deficit of 14 points, into a 34-23 victory over the GOAT.

Of course the Bengals handled it with grace and took no shots at TB12 at all.

Not at all.

This victory had ripple effects across the NFL, and specifically the NFC South.

Firstly, with the Bengals comeback, that made three teams that overcame 17+ point deficits in a single week for the first time in the entire history of the league.

Huge day for conspiracy theorists who think the NFL is scripted.

They would share that honor with the Jacksonville Jaguars rallying from 27-10 to beat the Cowboys in overtime (yay!), and the Vikings achieving the biggest comeback in NFL history of 33 points against the Colts on Saturday.

And for the NFC South, this now means that all 4 teams are within one game of the division lead.

Chaos, as any Game of Thrones fan will tell you, is a ladder.

(Or something, I never watched that show.)

So a beloved LSU athlete, Joe Burrow, takes down the GOAT Tom Brady in a game that helps the New Orleans Saints stay alive for the most unimpressive playoff berth ever?

What an outcome.

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