The NFL recently hired the whistleblower in the alleged New Orleans Saints bounty program, and head coach Sean Payton is not happy about it.

Mike Cerullo, a defensive assistant with the Saints during 2009, who provided information to the league that began the "Bountygate" investigation in 2011, has been working as the director of football administration for the NFL for the last six months.


According to reports, Cerullo, who was fired by the Saints after the 2009 Super Bowl season, sent the NFL an email in November 2011 calling the Saints a "dirty organization", saying he had proof that assistant head coach Joe Vitt had lied to the league about the existence of a bounty program.

The NFL eventually suspended Payton for one full season and handed out severe punishments to Vitt, general manager Mickey Loomis and the entire organization in the form of fines and lost draft picks.

The Saints have said that Cerullo holds a grudge against them, for being fired.

Cerullo spent the past couple of years as Princeton's director of football operations, before being hired by the league this past summer.

Really, it's not a good look for the NFL, and I can completely understand Payton being upset.

Here's a former assistant coach, who was fired, that goes to the NFL with information that keeps Payton off the sideline for one year, costs the organization draft picks, and causes embarrassment, just to name a few things; and he gets rewarded by the league?

It doesn't sit right with me either.

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