It's the end of the of best bromance in New Orleans Saints history.

You could actually argue that it may be one of the best bromances in the history of the league, but the tandem known as "Boom & Zoom" is sadly coming to an end after longtime Saints RB Mark Ingram inked a 3-year deal with the Baltimore Ravens.

According to NFL insiders, Ingram was looking for something closer to $7 million per year and a few days after he walked from the Saints offer of $4.5 million per year he ended up signing a 3-year deal with the Ravens for $5 million per year.

While it looked like he walked away from the Saints over $500,000, it's more likely that the Saints knew what money they had for a starting running back ($4 million per year) that would compliment Alvin Kamara. When Ingram and his agents decided to leave that offer behind the Saints still needed a running back and decided to snag former Viking RB Latavius Murray while he was still available on a 4-year deal for $14 million.

After none of the 32 NFL teams offered Ingram the $7 million per year he was in search of and all the star free agent running backs were getting scooped up Ingram took the deal with the Ravens while it was still on the table.

So basically, Ingram probably wishes he took the deal with the Saints in hindsight. Some feel like the burden and risk should have been on the Saints to wait, but should the Saints have to wait for whatever running backs are left in free agency AFTER Mark Ingram decides what he's going to do?

Sadly, that's not how the business side of the NFL works. Still, some were frustrated including Saints RB Alvin Kamara who seemed to subtly air his grievances on Twitter with an interesting reply from Ingram.

But what's done is done and the bromance of Alvin and Mark is done (for now). A day after the news of Ingram signing with the Ravens broke, Alvin Kamara took to Instagram and penned a heartfelt goodbye that gives us an idea of just how close the two running backs are to one another.


We'll never forget their chemistry on the field nor will we forget their antics off the field. The dual postgame interviews will forever be cherished as a part of Saints history.

I'm not sure if there is anyone sadder than Alvin Kamara in the wake of Ingram's exit to Baltimore, but we will surely miss these two.

Here's to the greatest bromance to ever hit an NFL field.

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