We football fans are at our absolute most desperate. With the season fast approaching, everything football-related raises hype levels more and more.

Today the hype is from some jersey changes for the Saints.

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First up, Andy Dalton and Mark Ingram have agreed on what will happen with #14.

The Red Rocket gets 14 back and Ingram will get 5, a number he has never worn, but one that raised some eyebrows among Saints fans for being of interest to Tyrann Mathieu.

Tyrann wore 32 in Kansas City, apparently because 5 was not available. As of now, he is still in 32, but it remains to be seen what will come in the future.

Shoutout to my name buddy Nick Underhill.

A notable lock is Deonte Harty locking in his name change. He changed his surname from Harris to Harty in honor of his stepfather, and due to the NFL's unabashed hatred of individualism, he was not allowed to change his nameplate midseason. The change is finally locked in, allowing Deonte to represent his new family name.

Other notables are Marcus Maye locking in 6, Alontae Taylor snagging Malcolm Jenkins' old 27 after the safety's retirement, and Chris Olave being confirmed to be number 12.

Gosh it's good to see the Black and Gold again.

Is it football yet?

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