In the media, a "news dump" is a technique used to drop controversial news during a team when it will draw the least amount of attention.

It's used by politicians, businesses, sports franchises, and any other entity in the public view.

Today, it was used by the Boston Red Sox.

As first reported by MLB Network Insider Jon Heyman, the Red Sox are re-hiring Alex Cora as their manager.

Cora coming back to Boston is considered controversial by some because of his alleged major role in the 2017 Astros in an illegal sign-stealing scandal when he was a bench coach in Houston.

Boston's manager for over 2 years, Cora had great success, leading the team to a World Series Championship in 2018.

However, he was let go in January when the Astros sign-stealing scheme came to light.

With the U.S. Presidential election taking center stage in the news today, the re-hiring of Cora is the ultimate news dump by the Red Sox.

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