The Pelicans started their season in New York against the Nets. And Zion Williamson received a present from one of New York's most famous rappers. Rapper Fat Joe who made "Make It. Rain" and "Lean Back" gifted the young Pelican a chain that represents his record label.

Williamson himself is a huge rap fan. Specifically, rap from Fat Joe's era. Williamson credits Ready To Die by Biggie Smalls helping him through his darkest periods in life. So the fact that a contemporary of Biggie who himself is a great rapper had to mean a lot to Williamson.

Social Media's Reaction To Zion Getting A Terror Squad Chain

Some Pelicans fans thought this was a way for the Knicks to entice Williamson over to their team. However, Williamson sees how good the Pelicans are and knows that New Orleans is where he needs to be.

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