Fire up the grills, pack up the RV and head to Cajun Field. It's football season again, which means Ragin' Cajuns Tailgate TV is back.

The good people at Academy Sports and Outdooor came back to sponsor another season of Tailgate TV, and our first $100 gift card winner used Cajun creativity.

How do you catch a Boise State fan? According to Lil' Kev and the rest of Section Q, the best bait is 'taters.

Sharing is caring, Kev. Make sure to spread the love with the rest of the tailgate.

We were out bright and early. I'm proud to report I saw fraternity brothers out before the sun came up, and while some people chose a beer breakfast, others put out a full spread for all the early risers.

There were breakfast tacos, Cajun scrambled eggs, bacon, boudin and cracklin (of course), and even some brisket omelettes. With an 11:00 kickoff, Cajun Nation made sure to get a full stomach before having a few morning beverages. If you put enough stuff in a Bloody Mary, doesn't that make it a meal anyway?

We'll be back out at the tailgate for McNeese State, so make sure to bring your best ideas. If you come up with something delicious, hilarious or unexpected, you could walk away with the next $100 gift card to Academy.

As always, make sure to share this post with all your friends. If you made the video, make sure everybody sees your moment of fame.

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