Anyone who knows me knows I'm a Saints fan.

Working in sports radio for the last 16 years has allowed me the benefit of landing some amazing guests to interview.

Mike Tyson, Daniel Cormier, Drew Brees, Tyson Chandler, Anthony Davis, Ron Guidry, and many others have appeared on the show at least once.

While I've had the opportunity to interview many players from the New Orleans Saints 2009 Super Bowl team, the player I've wanted to have a real conversation with most is running back Pierre Thomas.

Outside of when he was inducted into the Saints Hall of Fame, Thomas has not given many interviews since his playing career.

When I would interview a former teammate, I would also ask them to tell Pierre he had to come on the show. They usually laughed, saying they would, but had no real intent to do so.

It became an ongoing joke on my show that I would bother Pierre so much he would finally acquiesce.

The thing is, I wasn't joking. I reached out to him many times, and a few weeks ago, he found the time to talk to me.

We chatted for an hour and twenty minutes, as Thomas discussed his childhood, breaking into the NFL, tons of behind the scene stories from his time with the Saints, the highest of highs and lowest of lows, what he's doing post-football and more.

An edited version of the interview aired in two parts, on two episodes of my daily show.

Below is the entire interview, unedited. Warning, there are a few expletives.

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