Future Pro Football Hall of Famer Peyton Manning appeared on ESPN's SportsCenter yesterday, giving updates on his family during the COVID-19 pandemic, his show Peyton's Place, and the advice he gave to LSU's Heisman winning quarterback Joe Burrow.

Peyton was drafted #1 overall in 1998 by the Indianapolis Colts after a standout collegiate career at Tennessee.

While he would go on to win 2 Super Bowls during an illustrious career, Manning's first year was a difficult one. Indy went 3-13, and Manning led the NFL in interceptions with 28.

Burrow is expected to be the #1 overall pick by the Cincinnati Bengals this Thursday.

He reached out to Manning for advice, something Peyton gladly offered.

"Look what I told him, I said, 'Joe if you're the first pick in the NFL draft you are going to a team that has really earned the first pick in the NFL draft," Manning shared. "There are going to be some holes there. And there's a reason the Colts were picking No. 1 that year. There's a reason the Bengals are picking No. 1 this year."

After Burrow attended the Manning Passing Academy last summer in Thibodeaux, he remained in contact with Peyton.

"I tried to tell him it's a marathon, not a sprint," explained Manning to Burrow. "But, if you learn how fast the defensive backs are, how soon you have to get rid of the ball, understand defenses, you can become a better player and really get it going the year or two after that."

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU
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