Troy Vincent, former NFL player and current executive vice president of football operations, has harsh words for the league's execution of the pass interference replay rule last season.

In an interview with NBC Sports, Vincent said the rule "failed miserably", noting the league should learn from it, and not been in a hurry to implement a new rule.

The rule was passed following the ineptitude of officials from the 2018 NFC Championship game in which Bill Vinovich's crew failed to throw a flag on a blatant pass interference late in the game, which ended up costing the New Orleans Saints a trip to the Super Bowl, and helped propel the Rams* to an overtime win.

Had pass interference been a reviewable replay, the inexplicable gaffe would have been rectified.

In the two weeks leading up to Super Bowl 53, the league was chastised for the missed call.

Saints coach Sean Payton, a member of the league's competition committee, helped lead a proposal for pass interference to be reviewable. The proposal was passed by the league.

However, last season, the execution of the rule was a disaster. Only 13 of 81 coach challenges for PI were overturned last season, while 11 of 20 booth reviews were overturned.

Last month, the league did not renew the rule, abolishing it for 2020, and likely, forever.


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