The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel officially announced a new rule regarding overtime play in football games last night.

Fans may recall several wild multi overtime college football games from the past, such as LSU's contest at Texas A&M in 2018 that had 7 overtimes and saw the Aggies winning a controversial game by the score 74-72.

In the past, once a game reaches a third overtime period, in an effort to keep the game from lasting too long, teams were required to go for a 2 point attempt following a touchdown, and could no longer kick PATs.

Now, teams will not be allowed to kick extra points beyond the first overtime period, and can only go for 2 following a touchdown once the game reaches a 2 OT period.

In addition, if a game reaches the third overtime, teams will now alternate 2-point attempts per possession, rather than begin an offensive possession at the opponent's 25-yard line.

Another interesting tidbit to come out of the NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel is "Feigning Injuries".

The panel supported the Football Rules Committee proposal to provide a framework to allow a school or conference to request a postgame video review about questionable actions through the NCAA secretary-rules editor/national coordinator of officials.


Every team in college football uses the "feigning injury" tactic.

For example, when an offense is utilizing the no-huddle formula and moving the ball quickly, a defender may fake an injury to give the defense a breather and allow for another player to enter the game to replace him, giving the defense an opportunity to get set.

The panel isn't clear on what the NCAA will do if it deems a team has indeed applied the "feigning injury" tactic during a game.

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