Many times over the years we've heard Louisiana baseball coach Tony Robichaux talk about what playing LSU is like when the Tigers are really good.

Paraphrasing:  They feed off the crowd.  They wait for you to make a mistake and then they make you pay.  They make you try to play an imperfect game perfectly.  And, in this game, that's hard to do.

Well, last night's' 5-4 win over Florida State at the College World Series reminded me of Robichaux's words.

And, I don't know about you, but I saw it coming.

I thought I might be wrong when Kramer Robertson, who has been the catalyst of so many LSU rallies, popped out to start the eighth.  But Cole Freeman got an infield hit and the tying run was on base.

Then Florida State blinked.  And, LSU pounced.

A base hit by Antoine Duplantis was misplayed in the outfield and the throw back in was offline.  Freeman never stopped and probably would have been out had it not been for a dropped throw.  One ball put in play.  Three errors.  Tie game.

And it was over.

Oh, the Tigers still had to get another run.  And, they did on the very next play when Greg Deichmann got a base hit through the drawn in infield.  Ball game.

Actually, the initial statement by LSU was made in the first inning.  How many times have you heard someone say scoring doesn't give you momentum.  Putting up a zero after scoring is what puts "mo" on your side.

Florida State got two in the first.  But LSU got a two out walk, and Duplantis was running on a two strike pitch.  The next pitch was strike three and, when the ball got away, Duplantis never stopped.  And, his aggressiveness caught Florida State napping as no one bothered to cover home plate, allowing the Lafayette native to get the Tigers on the board.

The statement was made.

And, it continued.  Each time Florida State scored a run, LSU countered with a run of its own.  Momentum never got into the Seminoles' hands.  And, LSU fans everywhere could feel it.

It was only a matter of time until LSU got it's 21st come from behind win of the year.

LSU will have to be better Monday against Oregon State.  The Tigers can't allow the Beavers to get the lead man on inning after inning as they did last night.  But regardless of the situation, this LSU team isn't going to play any differently.  When they get a chance, they're going to force the action and make you make a play to beat them.

That's just LSU being LSU.

And, we'll see if the opponent can play an imperfect game perfectly enough to beat LSU's athleticism, it's aggressiveness and that Tigers' crowd.

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