It's been over a week since the tragedy of the Saints-Rams NFC Championship game.

To say that the entire country was watching is an understatement. The fact that Roger Goodell still hasn't spoken on the no-call in the NFC Championship is certainly hurting the integrity of the game.

It's not just Saints fans that are calling out the NFL for their giant flub. The Las Vegas Police Department took aim at the NFL and the refs in a brand new drinking and driving PSA.

In the PSA, it shows a guy washing down a beer with a shot and immediately getting up and asking for his keys, only to be tackled onto the bar floor.

It's shown that a police officer is standing above him who then looks at the camera and says, "Will you make the right call? Be a Saint. Don't let your friends drink and drive." The whole time behind the officer, there's a blindfolded man in a referee shirt fumbling through the bar.

I'm certain we're far from the end of this controversy.

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