During a recent conversation with an out-of-town friend of mine, we were randomly discussing music artists out right now and Lauren Daigle's name came up. I sensed my friend didn't realize that Lauren is from here so I mentioned that to her.

She was a bit surprised, and indeed, had no clue that Lauren is from Lafayette, Louisiana.

Now, my assumption is that the majority of folks here in Acadiana know that Lauren is from Lafayette (or at least know she's from around here).

That got me thinking, "I wonder how many notable people are from Lafayette and people around here have no clue that they're from here?"

Again, I think most Cajuns know that people like Ron Guidry, Dustin Poirier, and Daniel Cormier are from the Hub City. But there are quite a few celebs from here that I bet most either didn't know were from Lafayette or just plain forgot.

Let us refresh some memories then. Here are 10 Lafayette natives that you may not have known are from our neck of the woods.

10 Famous People You Didn't Even Know Were From Lafayette

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