March Madness is upon us and this tournament has been hit or miss in terms of entertainment. However, now that we are in the Sweet Sixteen play has become a lot better. Thursday we saw a slew of incredible games from Uconn versus Arkansas to Gonzaga versus UCLA and Florida Atlantic versus Tennessee. But no game was more exciting than Kansas State versus Michigan State.

Kansas State was in an intense battle against Michigan State that came down to the wire. Kansas State beat Sparty on a trick play alley-oop in the final moments of the game. But what made this specific alley-oop special was that it was set up due to Michigan State relaxing on defense as point guard Markquis Nowell and head coach Jerome Tang got into an argument. They used said argument as a distraction to get the alley-oop to Keyontae Johnson. This was the most intriguing trick play I've seen in basketball period.

The internet and the media both questioned if this was a real trick play. Coach Tang's response was priceless.

The fact that his response was to say you can't tell them because the next team will know the truth is amazing. Even though I doubt they can use this play again. But social media went insane watching Kansas State win that game.

This was easily one of the best trick plays of all time and possibly the best trick play in basketball history. On top of the incredible play, the person who threw the pass Markquis Nowell has been incredible. In Thursday's game, he had a record of 19 assists. To get 19 assists in a college basketball game is nuts. This team will be extremely tough to beat going forward. The next game for Kansas State will be in the Elite Eight against Florida Atlantic Saturday at 5:09 pm.

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