New Orleans Saints brass are having serious buyer's remorse after paying linebacker Junior Galette a fat contract last September (4 year extension worth $41.5 million, $23 million guaranteed), before officially releasing him today after a series of behavioral issues from a player who was voted a team captain last season.

Galette, who was arrested on a domestic violence charge in January (charge was dropped in February) and was seen last month in an instagram video shot in 2013 striking a woman with a belt during a beach brawl, told NOLA.COM the Saints made the worst call in the organization's history by releasing him and kicking him when he was down.

Last night, on his girlfriend's twitter account, a twitter tirade about his former team with foul language, personal issues, drug accusations about coach Sean Payton and a number of other offensive declarations.

While it's hard to decipher how much of it is Galette and how much of it is his girlfriend, the profanity laced rant falls on the shoulders of Galette, who has been anything but tight lipped in the last 10 months. The account was deleted shortly after the tweets. Kevin Skiver Canal Street Chronicles reports that it was indeed Galette and has a good rundown of the NSFW (language) screenshots from the twitter tirade, which you can view here.

Reddit user PaySayJack put together a list of all of Galette's assertions and allegations. Click on image below to enlarge.

Junior Galette social media rant transcribed
reddit, PaySayJack

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