The NBA Playoffs recently just concluded with the Golden State Warriors being crowned NBA champions. However, one series that was easily one of the best of the playoffs was the Pelicans vs the Suns. And inside that matchup, they had mini matchups between players that were intriguing but none more interesting than Chris Paul and Pelicans guard Jose Alvarado.

Alvarado and Paul were going at it the entire series. From the grand theft Alvarado move to them in each other's faces to the belittling of Alvarado from Paul in press conferences to just the constant trash talking, these dudes didn't seem to like each other. Well, that remains true to this day. While at Summer League Alvarado was asked if he and Paul would have a friendly conversation if they ran into each other and Alvarado responded: "Nope, probably not".

Jose has quickly become one of the most beloved Pelicans on this team. And to see that fire from the playoffs carry over as a fan is awesome. That means that the fire is still burning. Maybe those press conference jabs plus the loss are still stinging. Whatever it may be, I would love to see him bring that fire into next season. Because the Pelicans will need him to go on the run that everyone expects now.

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