When it comes to athletes, there are certain ones that fanbases hate, media members hate, or even other players hate. However, there is one athlete who may be the most hated across the board and that is none other than former New Orleans Saint and current Dolphin Eli Apple.

Apple is one man who is hated by not just every fanbase he's played for but by former teammates, adversaries, the media, and even his baby's mother. But his baby's mother who is an IG model not only hates him, she wants him to burn. Today she put on her Instagram story that she would pay the fines for any NFL player who would injure Apple. She stated, "Go for the knees or maybe a hammy".

Now we don't condone anyone injuring another player on purpose or anyone putting an NFL bounty on someone's head. But her reasoning behind asking for this to occur is a horrible look for Apple. She alleges that Apple's son has a heart condition and needed a blood transfusion and she isn't a match, but Apple is. However, Apple refused to donate 30 MLS of blood to his son because the mother found out Apple was having unprotected sex in every city he went to. She then stated that he blocked her when she confronted him and only unblocked her to pick the child's name. Apple then asked to spend time with them but when she brought up that the child needs a transplant because Apple won't donate blood he blocked her again. She also stated that Apple wished death on their child and said it would be best if the child just died.

If what she is saying is true then Apple is the scum of the Earth. First, allegedly you wouldn't give your child 30 MLS of blood and then you wished death upon the child, that is just horrible. Granted you should never wish an injury on someone, but if this is true it makes sense why she came out and said such an outrageous thing.

Before finding out her reasoning I would've said this is why athletes shouldn't put themselves in bed with IG Models and Pornstars, look at what's happening with Zion Williamson. But in this case, it seems that Eli Apple is just a scumbag.

Normally Eli Apple's mother Annie Apple is very outspoken when it comes to her son; however, in this situation, she has remained quiet.

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Again it is horrible that she is wishing injuries on her baby's father, and we do not condone that. But if what she is saying is true then he is equally as horrible. Like the old saying goes two wrongs don't make a right. But the real person losing out in all of this is the child. Hopefully, the child gets the blood they need, and their parents can learn to co-parent.

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