Hot Sauce, the streetballing legend and AND1 Mixtape superstar, just added another victim to his already impressive list. We don't even know why anyone bothers trying to defend this guy, but this poor chump in the blue shirt now has this brutally humiliating video to remember him by, forever.

Maybe the best way to introduce the clip is to say that at one point, the poor defender gets a ball thrown directly into his face — and that's just the second-most embarrassing thing that happens to him. A few moments later, Hot Sauce executes one of the nastiest crossovers we've ever seen, nearly forcing the poor guy into an involuntary split. Watching, you can feel the dude's pain as his body starts to rip itself in two.

Hell, his teammate, standing several feet away, falls over from the sheer force of the moment. It's almost as if the crossover was so powerful that it momentarily attained physical space in the universe. You might also notice the gentleman seated at the table in the background -- we think he just gave up watching basketball ever again. Why bother? He has seen the mountaintop, and it is glorious.

To sum up, this is a basketball maneuver executed so perfectly that a full ensemble of players is required to properly portray its full greatness.

And for an encore...

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