For the last few years, Mark Hudspeth got to enjoy something few college coaches ever get to experience, coaching his son on the team.

Gunner played backup quarterback, but he dealt with knee issues as a player that led to multiple surgeries. After his third ACL injury, he decided to reevaluate his college career.

His role on the team is going to change, but he's not necessarily leaving his dad's side. Here's what he had to say on Twitter:

"I'm sad to say because of my 3rd ACL injury, my playing career at UL has ended. Football is not fair and doesn't owe anyone anything, but nothing can bring a bunch of different individuals together like football can. I was able to fulfill my dream of playing college football for UL, but now I get to start fulfilling another dream of mine, coaching! A football player's everyday life is extremely challenging and often the outside world doesn't see that. A player goes through many strenuous days throughout the year just to have a shot at his dream a few times a year. I will miss running out on the practice field in my pads to warm-up, hanging out in the locker with the guys, getting dressed in the vermilion and white on game day and the other ream activities that come with being a player. I would like to thank my coaches, teammates and the fans for their support. I now look forward to being a student-coach for UL. Geaux Cajuns."

Gunner is saying goodbye to his playing days and stepping into the world of coaching. He won't be in pads anymore, but he will still wear vermilion and white.

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