College football is known for its fierce and hated rivalries. You have Alabama/Auburn in Iron Bowl, Ohio State/Michigan, and LSU/Alabama just to name a few. Another long and heated rivalry is Michigan vs Michigan State. The two schools have always looked at each other as rivals since they are both in the state of Michigan and have been in the same conference together for several decades now. The Wolverines and the Spartans met in Ann Arbor this weekend for a huge Big Ten matchup.

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While the game itself wasn't that exciting with the Michigan Wolverines defeating the Michigan State Spartans 29-7, it's what happened off the field that has everyone talking. Videos of a fight breaking out in the Stadiums tunnel are beginning to go viral on social media. the videos show one Michigan player being jumped by several Michigan State players.

Now, this is not the first time something like this has happened in the halls of the Michigan Wolverines' home stadium. Last year, a fight between Ohio State players and Michigan players broke out in the same tunnel just hours before kickoff.

That video was a team vs team fight whereas the Michigan State one looks like an attack on a single player. Once the videos started to go viral, many fans and experts began the way in on the situation. Many say the Michigan player must have antagonized the attack since he was right outside the Michigan State locker room. Others say it doesn't matter what sparked the situation, the Michigan State players were wrong and should be punished.

Michigan Head Coach, Jim Harbaugh, spoke to the media after the game to give his post-game analysis. Reporters would eventually ask the head coach what he thought about the fight that broke out in the stadium's tunnel. Coach Harbaugh and Michigan athletic director, Warde Manuel, gave their thoughts on the matter.

Michigan State head coach, Mel Tucker did not address the situation directly to the media, but he did release a statement on the incident. Tucker also stated that he has suspended four players that were involved in the attack and they will be suspended until further notice.

Earlier today, police in Ann Arbor decided to open an investigation regarding the incident according to TMZ. Charges could potentially be filed against the Michigan State players.

I know fights and scuffles are a part of rivalries, but this one seemed to go a little too far. While I hate for college kids to potentially have their futures altered over this, I believe they deserve consequences for their actions. How do you think this situation should be handled?

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