Former NFL fullback Brian Milne only played one season in New Orleans but is revered by all Saints fans due to his role in one of the biggest plays in franchise history.

After taking a 24 point 4th quarter lead against the hated Rams, the 2000 New Orleans Saints could feel the first playoff win in franchise history at their fingertips.

However, the Rams staged a furious rally, cutting the Saints lead to 3 with 1:53 left in regulation and having to punt the ball back to a team with the nicknamed, "The Greatest Show On Turf" due to their fast-paced, record-setting offense.

"HAKIM DROPS THE BALL!" - Jim Henderson

Az-Zahir Hakim muffed the ball, and Brian Milne who hustled down the field on a routine play was there to make the recovery, sealing the Saints victory.

I caught up with Milne on my show to ask him about the recovery, when he realized the play would make him unforgettable among Saints fans, his early football memories, beating cancer as a teenager, playing at Penn State and then in the NFL, his life following football and much more.

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