All hell almost broke loose at Madison Square Garden last night.

The Memphis Grizzlies were on their way to a victory over the New York Knicks when all hell almost broke loose.

Memphis Grizzlies player Jae Crowder decided to sneak in and steal the inbounds pass with just under a minute to play. Former Ragin' Cajuns star turned New York Knick Elfrid Payton didn't appreciate the aggressive move (especially since they were up by 18 points) so when Crowder pulled up to launch a 3-pointer, Payton shoved him to the ground.

A brief scuffle ensued. There was yelling. There was pointing. Payton and Crowder were ejected with three other players hit with technical fouls. The incident caused "Sell the team!" chants to erupt in Madison Square Garden.

Once the dust settled, both teams just ran out the clock and the Grizzlies won 127-106.

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