While many were understandably focused on Hurricane Ida coverage on Sunday afternoon, if you happen to tune into ESPN, you may have noticed a high school football blowout.

Blowouts aren't unusual at any level of football.

However, the word "unusual" doesn't do justice to how truly bizarre the situation was.

As the game unfolded at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium in Canton, Ohio, the ESPN commentators began to realize the network had been duped by Bishop Sycamore, an online only charter school who lists Columbus, Ohio as it's home, though the address the school lists on google is an address for Franklin University Library.

In short, ESPN got catfished by Bishop Sycamore, a team that is the equivalent of a football Fyre Fest.

On top of being overwhelmingly outmatched by IMG Academy, Bishop Sycamore apparently played a game less than 48 hours earlier.

After looking at MaxPreps, I quickly discovered Bishop Sycamore went 0-6 last season, and lost 56-6 to IMG Academy in 2020.

This year, 58-0 on national television.

While Bishop Sycamore is taking some heat on social media, the school's twitter account was quick to retweet a number of users who were defending the program.

This take is misguided.

Lying, or at the very least, completely overselling the talent of your team to get on ESPN should not be applauded.

ESPN is at fault as well. The World Wide Leader's selection process when picking from powerhouse high school football teams should be better than, "Oh, several D1 prospects you say? We'll take your word for it".

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