Apparently over 200 violations isn’t enough to get you a bowl ban these days.

Friday morning, the NCAA announced the punishment for the Tennessee Volunteers under Jeremy Pruitt and it didn’t include any post-season bans. However, it did include.

Seven different people received show causes.  From the Knoxville Sentinel.

Show-cause penalties also were given to assistant coaches Derrick Ansley (two years), Brian Niedermeyer (five) and Shelton Felton (four); recruiting director Bethany Gunn (five) and assistant director Chantryce Boone (10); director of player personnel Drew Hughes (four); and student assistant Michael Magness (three).

But one of them was not Casey Pruitt, Jeremy’s wife.  Casey, a former NCAA compliance officer, was tasked with verifying eligibility of student-athletes and ensuring the athletic department followed NCAA rules.  And yet, despite it being illegal at the time, Casey was accused of dolling out more than $15,000, but avoided any punishment.

Josh Heupel replaced Pruitt as Head Coach in 2021 and went 11-2 in '22, including a thrilling last second victory over Alabama.  Their first win over the Tide since 2006.

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