Do you remember way back in week 7 when the New Orleans Saints beat the Chicago Bears 26-23 in overtime and safety Chauncey Gardner-Johnson got sucker-punched or slapped by Bears WR Javon Wims? On Sunday he was part of the game but was clearly afraid of the slime cannons after a huge drop.

This time around, in the NFL Playoffs Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, was up to his old instigating tricks as he was caught taunting yet another Bears receiver on Sunday. This time it was Anthony Miller who was getting an ear-full from Johnson and apparently he got a little bit under his skin...

Ouch, another Chicago wide-out bites the dust, he reminds me of a modern-day Cortland Finnegan who once instigated Houston Texans great WR Andre Johnson to the point of a legit fight.

Also, Anthony Miller was quoted as saying this, this past week when asked about Chauncey Gardner-Johnson...

Ironic that he tried to play it off the way he did during the week. I think he might know who Gardner-Johnson is at this point. Miller will have plenty of time to do more research on him this coming week when he begins his off-season as the Bears season has come to an end.


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