People go nuts for college basketball when March Madness starts, but CBS is trying to begin the insanity already by releasing some early bracket predictions.

ESPN did the same thing all year long with the College Football Playoff, teasing their picks for the top four teams to get college football fans salivating for the playoff. ESPN usually does "Bracketology" to predict the field of teams for March Madness, and CBS wants to create some hype to remind everybody they are the home for the NCAA tournament.

CBS released their first wave of predictions this weekend, naming the top 16 seeds if the tournament started today. Is it exciting? Yes. Does it really mean anything? Nope.

Surprise! The defending National Champions are their #1 overall seed.

The biggest surprise is putting Baylor at #3, considering they are ranked 6th in the AP Top 25 and 8th in the USA Today Coaches Poll. That's all part of the plan though. Make some head-scratching decisions to get people talking about their predictions. I see right through your ploy CBS, even though I'm still writing about it...

The funniest part about it is how similar their predictions are to ESPN's Bracketology. Sure, there are a few differences, but it almost looked like CBS just changed a few answers on their test sheet to make sure the teacher didn't catch them cheating.

CBS didn't fill out the whole bracket like ESPN's Joe Linardi does, but they did try their best to make everyone think about March Madness. It's all kind of absurd, considering that conference tournaments are going to screw up a lot of these lovely predictions.

With football season over, CBS is just trying to fill some airtime and create some ratings with their new bracket show. They will probably shuffle their Top 16 a million times before the start of March Madness, and people will continue to react.

Don't worry, CBS. We are all still going to watch March Madness when it starts.

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