The Houston Astros made a deal this week to lock up their star third baseman Alex Bregman long term.

The Astros are giving Bregman a five-year $100 million dollar extension through 2024. The deal comes with a $10M signing bonus and he can also increase his salary through various escalators based upon MVP award finishes but those details are not yet known.

Bregman, an LSU Tiger alum is just 24 years old and has put up stellar numbers already in his career and he hasn't even reached his "prime" years yet. He's continued to improve over his first three years culminating in a career year last season.

In fact, in 2018 he played in 157 games, eclipsed 700 plate appearances, scored 105 runs, collected 170 hits, led the majors in doubles with 51, belted 31 home runs, drove in 103 runs, hit .286, and walked more times than he struck out.

It seems as though Houston has gotten a bargain here with Bregman as he'll be making $20M/year and if he continues the way he's played that'll end up being a terrific discount.


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