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In an unfortunate set of circumstances, according to reports around 30 LSU football players were exposed to the coronavirus this past week when an outbreak occurred. Based on an article from Ross Dellenger of Sports Illustrated the players were in attendance at various nightclubs at the popular LSU nightlife spot in Tigerland.

Friday the Louisiana Department of Health had made an announcement that over 100 Tigerland patrons have tested positive for the COVID-19 and issued a warning to those who have ventured to Tigerland to abide by the 14-day quarantine order.

However, long-time associate athletic trainer Shelly Mullenix isn't surprised as she told SI, “It’s not surprising we’re seeing the rise right now. It’s a pandemic. We should not be shocked. The story is that it’s exactly what we said it would be. We were prepared from the get-go for a lot of viruses. The good news is we’re seeing subtle virus illness.”

In the article Mullenix also cited the fact that there were mass gatherings Memorial Day weekend as well as with the racial/social injustice protests still going on.

In addition, no LSU players or members of the staff have been hospitalized and those who have been exposed are only exhibiting little to no symptoms. Those who have been exposed are currently exercising the 14-day quarantine order as well in their on-campus apartments while the team attempts to gear up for the 2020 season which is seeming less likely to happen by the day...


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