Thomas Morestead is entering his 16th year of punting in the NFL.  His first 12 season were booming punts for the New Orleans Saints, including during his rookie year of 2009, when the Saints won their only Super Bowl.

Morestead has consistently posted himself working out as he continually prepares the each season.  Those workouts finally paid, at least for his kids.

Playing for the New York Jets this year, Morestead took his family to the arcade for a little family time before the season kicks off this weekend.   He posted a video of himself hanging from what looks like a pull-up bar.  

For Morestead to win, he had to break the current record of 2 minutes 15 seconds.  

Watch him do it with ease.  And then watch the excitement from his kids.

In addition to being a Super Bowl Champion in 2009, Morestead made the Pro Bowl in 2012 and was 2nd Team All NFL.

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