The LSU Tigers didn’t look particularly good last Sunday against the Florida State Seminoles, especially in the 2nd Half. So what to look for and expect in their game against Grambling?

No injuries and the marching bands. That’s it.

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Nothing on the field interests me too much because it’s not going to matter.

  • WHOA…Look as LSU runs the football effectively
  • Hey…Those receivers are catching everything
  • Look at the coverage from those cornerbacks.
  • Harold Perkins is absolutely dominating in the middle

While I certainly expect all of that to happen, and sure it will be nice to see LSU play well, with all due respect to Grambling, who is really going to care?

Do I need to see Jayden Daniels throw for 300 yards and four touchdowns? No.

LSU v Florida State
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Let Daniels lead the Tigers on three scoring drives and that should be all for him. If that takes 10 or 25 plays, fine with me. But the last thing LSU needs is for Daniels to play in the 2nd Half only for him to get hurt while trying to get on the same page as his wide receivers.

LSU v Florida State
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Of course, it’ll be great to finally see Maason Smith back on the field after missing most of last year and suspended for the FSU game this season.  But he’s the perfect example of someone doing something as simple as jumping in the air and missing 99% of the season. Have Smith play a quarter or at most, the 1st Half.

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Saturday’s LSU game should be a great opportunity for Brian Kelly to work on his depth. Get that young talent some playing time. It will be a great experience for them to play in Tiger Stadium and get them ready for the inevitable injuries coming this season.

Now…the LSU and Grambling Marching Bands at Halftime?

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That’s worth watching.

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