LAFAYETTE, La. (103.3 The GOAT) - The Louisiana Ragin' Cajuns are in the middle of football and volleyball season, and women's and men's basketball is gearing up to begin their season. The Ragin' Cajuns are a national brand, and they should have a mascot representing them. We asked across social media what should be the Cajuns' new mascot and we gathered the information to create a top 5 list.

Here are the top 5 choices of what should be the Ragin' Cajuns' new mascot.

5. An Actual Ragin Cajun

At number five we have actual Ragin' Cajun. Now some of you may be scratching your head at this choice but hear me out as I try to describe what the fans meant. There are many colleges with humans as their mascots, granted they have gimmicks like for example the East Carolina Pirates with a pirate. But with the Cajuns, you can dress the mascot up as a Cajun fisherman or a Cajun musician. Both options represent the area and what it means to be a Cajun. If you go with the musical aspect, the mascot can hold a washboard or an accordion. Or if you go with the fisherman, you can give him a spear or a spear gun to represent the fishing and it allows the mascot to look scarier.

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4. Alligator/Albino Alligator

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Coming in at number four we have the albino alligator or a normal alligator. There's a social media campaign going for an albino alligator right now. But an alligator represents the swamp which is an essential part of Cajun culture; however, we would share the name with Florida.

3. Pelican

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The Pelican is the state bird of Louisiana, so it makes sense to come in at number three. I know a Louisiana NBA team has the Pelican as a mascot already but many teams share mascots. And this specific mascot is inherently Louisianian and Cajun.

2. Bulldog

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Many fans voted to go back to the old mascot of the Bulldog. So at number two, we have the bulldog. Personally, I feel just like with the alligator, Georgia has this mascot. And what makes this different from sharing with an NBA team, is that you're sharing with another college. But many wanted it, so it made the list!

1. A Crawfish

Louisiana Crawfish Harvest Lowest in 25 Years
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Personally, I love the number one choice which is a crawfish. Make this crawfish buff and mean-looking crawdad and he would make a great mascot. Nothing represents Lafayette, and the Ragin' Cajuns more than a crawfish as the mascot.

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