Youtube via Serafin Nunez
Youtube via Serafin Nunez

If you could bring back a classic game to watch, what would it be?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, one great thing that television stations and sports networks did in the absence of live sports was re-air classic or great games.

Watching these games were fun for many reasons. The nostalgia of it, of course, is the best part, with the memories and all. Also, when you go back a couple of decades, you can certainly see how the game (football, baseball, basketball, etc.) has changed over the years.

Two of my favorite games I can watch over and over again are the New Orleans Saints two biggest wins of all-time - the NFC Championship win over the Minnesota Vikings and the Super Bowl win over the Indianapolis Colts.

But, the great thing about watching some of these classic replays is that I'm getting to watch games I do not have video of (yes, I know I could probably bring up some of these games on Youtube). The two Saints games I mentioned are games that I have highlights and videos of.

In my list below, I will highlight ten games I would love to watch a replay of. Check out my list and think about what games would make yours.

My Favorite Classic Games To Rewatch

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