The Saints are on a roll and everybody is living their best lives.

While they were on their way to winning nine games in a row, a few of the Saints players couldn't help but show off their dance moves on the sidelines during the third quarter of yesterday's dominating 48-7 performance against the Eagles.

There has been a lot of dancing during the home games this season, and I've noticed it goes hand in hand with something new that the Saints have been doing in the dome this season.

After the Saints score, the standard 'When The Saints Go Marching In' fires off, followed by the crowd favorite 'Stand Up And Get Crunk'—but halfway through that song, something else happens.

After standing up to 'get crunk,' the Saints have been mixing right into local anthems from No Limit and Cash Money Records like 'Get Your Roll On' and 'Choppa Style' and the crowd (along with the players) have been losing their minds. It's a flavor that you probably won't hear or see anywhere else in the NFL.

To make things even better, the camera is usually fixed on players like Michael Thomas, Mark Ingram, and Alvin Kamara who get the crowd fired up by bopping to the local NOLA classics.

The Eagles players definitely took notice.

It's a special season, and we hope the magic continues. As long as we're winning, let the Saints keep dancing!

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