Louisiana native, Jarvis Landry, is back in his home state after signing with the Saints this past offeseaon. The former LSU standout has settled back into his roots and Saints fans have really enjoyed having “one of their own” return home. His return back the bayou is extra special because it gives him the opportunity to give back to his former highschool.

Lnadry invited the entire Lutcher High football program to the Superdome to enjoy Saints fan day. Jarvis took his time to meet and greet the entire team and even autographed some Lutcher gear for the young athletes.

NFL fans have been known to ask their favorite players to sign almost anything, and I mean anything. We have seen some pretty crazy stuff over the years from signing babies to body parts that shouldn’t be signed. One Jets fan took it to another level by getting a large portion of the team to sign an exclusive Zach Wilson “milf hunter” jersery.

While Jarvis didn’t get the opportunity to sign anything that creative, he did get asked to sign a special edition sneaker. Watch as Jarvis Landry seems hesitant to sign a fans Travis Scott edition Air Jordan lows.

Now the price of the sneaker is not a ridiculous amount. In fact average retail price is around $150, but Jarvis still wasn’t sure if he should sign it or not. After seeming a little hesitant, Jarvis laughed and seemed honoered that a fan would ask him to sign their special edition Jordans. Fan reations on Twitter were a little mixed.

What is the most expensive thing you would allow someone to sign for you?

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