Gary Brodhead's Ragin' Cajuns Women's Basketball team had a rough trip to Texas, but now they're coming back home to see if they can right the ship.

Louisiana had their worst offensive outing of the season against Texas State, and they got the game stolen away from them by UT-Arlington in the second half. Losses always hurt, but the way things went down ripped off a scab for Brodhead.

"It's what we've been dealing with all year, our concerns with finishing games," Brodhead said.

On top of the pain of losing, they also suffered some critical injuries. Troi Swann and Jodi Quinn are key pieces of the Cajuns' lineup, but Brodhead is going to have to figure things out without them temporarily.

Swann suffered an injury during rebounding drills in practice, but Brodhead indicated they might get her back for Saturday's game against Little Rock. Quinn will be out for a while longer, which puts more strain on an already thin roster.

"We were already a little shorthanded, then all of a sudden this happens to us," Brodhead said. He added about Quinn, "She's by far our defensive player, especially on the help side."

Brodhead said he and the rest of the coaching staff will have to be mindful of the minutes their players get and provide some early relief off the bench, so keep an eye on the rotation as they move forward in the season.

Luckily, his team always seems to play their best against Arkansas State and other talented teams. He's hoping the competition will push his players to overcome the odds.

"Most kids these days get up for the better teams," Brodhead said. "Their mindset is they really want to sweep this."

The two losses in Texas dropped Louisiana to 4-3 in Sun Belt Conference play, so two wins in the Cajundome would go a long way building some more momentum inching closer to the conference tournament.

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