Former LSU All-American and Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette has made a career out of incredible displays of athleticism on the football field.

Fournette, who possesses top tier speed, is arguably best known for his physical style of play.

The Tiger alum posted a video on his social media pages today of what many media outlets are calling "his son".

Referring to him as "baby Fournette", the young kid in helmet and pads lays down a bruising hit.

Fournette welcomed a son, Leonard IV, into the world in March of 2017.

The young player in the video is small but is definitely older than 2 and a half.

Regardless of who the kid is, "Baby Fournette" may have a future in football like Leonard.

The video has also come under criticism from many inside and outside of the sports world, with many pointing out the "oklahoma drill" is unnecessary, especially with young children.

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