Remember earlier in the week when we told you there would be stringent new rules concerning tailgating and parking tailgating vehicles at Cajun Field.

As the late Gilda Radner said with her character Emily LItella....

The University, citing good weather which has dried out the grass tailgating area, has rescinded the rules sent out earlier in the week, reverting back to the original criteria used last season.

Fans are urged to do their tailgating setup on Friday, although tailgating traffic WILL be allowed on Game Day up until 8:15am prior to the game against Boise State, which has an 11:00 kickoff.

In an exclusive interview Wednesday on ESPN1420's Bird's Eye View, Associate AD for Internal Affairs John Dugas intimated the change in plans was coming.

"The weather has really helped to dry things out the last couple of days and the forecast is for no rain.  And, we heard from our passionate and loyal fans about the issues the changes would cause, especially with the word getting out just a few days before the first game."

Now, here's what can and cannot happen this Saturday, according to Dugas:

Due to the 11:00am kick-off, tailgating set up and access times will be different from what we have had in the past

·        Tailgating set up will begin at 2:00pm Friday. RV set up will begin at 5:00pm Friday. All fans are encouraged to set up tents and bring in heavy equipment on Friday to minimize set up time on Saturday.
·        RV’s, trailers, and passenger vehicles that fit within your tailgating spot, are allowed for setup, and can remain during the game. We want to allow fans the option to use their vehicles as safe storage for valuable tailgating supplies when they leave the area to enter into the game.
·        Everyone will have access to their spot. There are gates open in the construction fence to allow spot holders in that area to access their spots for setup as normal.
·        Reinhardt Drive will close prior to the Cajun Walk at approximately 8:15am. Reinhardt Drive will remain closed to all vehicle traffic after that time. At this point, there can no vehicle movement in tailgating areas.
·        After Reinhardt Drive closes, tailgaters can use their RCAF pass to drop off items from the adjacent RCAF lot, and then park their car in the RCAF lot.
·        As in years past, TG passes are not allowed to park in RCAF lots. TG passes that are not parked in TG spots will need to park in general admission parking.
·        Tailgating tents may remain set up for the duration of the current three game home stand.

The support and passion of our loyal fans is greatly appreciated. We are asking for understanding and the cooperation to ensure a safe, fun environment for everyone.

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