Joe Burrow made his NFL debut on Sunday after leading the LSU Tigers to a historic year in 2019 which included an undefeated record along with a National Championship.

He was the first overall pick for the Cincinnati Bengals and he took on the Los Angeles Chargers at home for his first start.

Burrow and the Bengals fell to the Chargers in a defensive struggle filled with five field goals on each side as CIN lost 16-13. JB lead CIN on a 14 play drive that lasted just over three minutes and set the Bengals to either win or at least force overtime. However, Randy Bullock missed a 31-yard field in which he hurt himself on the attempt that propelled the bolts to the win.

Here are some thoughts on Burrow's first start.

The Athletism Plays

Joe might not have thrown for any scores on Sunday but he showed off his athletic ability by continually escaping collapsing pockets protected by a mediocre offensive line. He ended up running eight times in this one for 46 yards including a 23-yard score for the Bengals lone touchdown in the game during the first quarter. His athletism will be one of his biggest strengths throughout his career.

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Improve Internal Clock

The athletic ability is great but it also can be a double-edged sword for young quarterbacks as they gain their footing in a league that moves a little faster than college. Burrow held onto the football a little too long at times during his debut taking three sacks, was hit six times, and hurried countless other times. In addition, he made a poor decision in the second-half as he was being flushed out of the pocket trying to complete a Brett Favre like shovel pass which was picked off by Melvin Ingram. The internal clock just has to improve, know when to throw the ball away, and when to try and hold it a bit longer in order to make a play.

Confident Swagger

We got to know Joe Burrow as a quiet, confident dude who exuded a lot of swagger, especially on the field. Even though he didn't have a great statistical game you could tell when the game was on the line in the fourth quarter he locked in on that final drive to put his team in a position to win or at least tie the game. He also distributed the football well by connecting with eight different receivers in this one.


From what I saw in game one Joe didn't look overwhelmed, he looked like he belonged, and Bengals fans should be very excited about that.


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Photos from Joe Burrow's Final LSU Home Game


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