NFL Wide Receiver Terrell Owens has plans to play for a 16th year next season. Those plans may have taken a hit as sources reveal that T.O. underwent surgery recently to repair a torn ACL. Several sources claim that Owens suffered the injury while filming a VH1 reality show. Another source said that T.O. torn his ACL during a personal workout. Here is more from Chris Mortensen of, followed by more blogging from Scott.

His agent, Drew Rosenhaus, also was unavailable for comment Sunday evening. His brother and partner in the agent business, Jason Rosenhaus, said, "I don't like to deny stories or confirm or deny anything. It's really something for Drew (to address)."Rosenhaus issued a denial to an ESPN inquiry last month about Owens' injury. Other sources close to Owens ignored specific inquiries Sunday night.


In time, we will learn how T.O. suffered the injury. Owens has been trying to pave a new career path when his football days are done. That path appeared to be reality television. However, Terrell wasn't ready to retire yet. Wouldn't it be ironic if T.O.'s football career ended earlier than he wanted because he was attempting to jumpstart his next career? Time will tell if T.O. can come back for a 16th season.

Owens will be a Hall of Famer. The question is, what team will he go into Canton with? My guess would be San Francisco, but I don't know that any of his previous 5 teams would claim him as their own.

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