Players have been known to talk trash before games; however, sometimes that turns into bulletin board material. Well, that's exactly what happened with Micah Parsons and the 49ers. Parsons said he wanted the Niners, well Deebo Samuel let him hear it after the game.

The fact that Samuel used a picture of Shannon Sharpe to describe his mood toward Parsons is hilarious. But I get where Samuel is coming from with the statement saying don't poke the bear. The Cowboys haven't been in this position in years so for them to talk trash is a little weird.

One would think it would be over; however, Micah Parsons responded to Samuel asking him what did he do to contribute to the win.

Photo Credit: Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

Samuel hasn't responded to Parsons yet; however, I feel he doesn't need to because the fans already have.

Parsons just exhibited what I call salty behavior. The guy is sucking on sour grapes. Just accept your loss and use this as motivation. However, this is why the Cowboys continue to lose.

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