Terrell Owens, the NFL's second all-time leading receiver in yards and touchdowns, might be taking his talents to the penal league.

Owens is facing jail time after failing to make a payment of $20,o00 in child support. According to a report from espn.com, T.O. did not show up for a child support hearing yesterday.

Melanie Page Smith, the mother of Owens' 7-year-old daughter, has alleged that Owens has not made any payments in months, according to the report. The six-time Pro Bowler previously had agreed to pay Smith $5,000 per month.

Terrell Owens in hot water for lack of child support payments


 County Judge John Goger in Atlanta told Smith's attorney, Randy Kessler, that if Owens does not show up to a July 19th hearing, he may be thrown in jail.

Kessler told WSBTV.com, "It's a tragedy, not only that we are here today; this is the third case she has had to file in the last year. We are hoping next week the case will come to a resolution and Mr. Owens will pay and pay every month."

Owens, 38, has not played organized football since late May after he was released by the Indoor Football League's Allen Wranglers. He last played in the NFL in 2010 for the Cincinnati Bengals.

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