Today, the Sun Belt Conference issued rulings stemming from unsportsmanlike conduct among players and coaches involved in the Louisiana-Arkansas State game last Tuesday.

Four players from Arkansas State, one from Louisiana, along with a Cajuns' assistant coach and strength coach, were reprimanded by the league for their actions.

The officiating crew for that game, which was reprimanded after the Georgia State game on Oct. 4, were suspended for one game and may not be considered for post-season assignments.

The penalties were announced today by Commissioner Karl Benson.

"Our expectations for sportsmanship and integrity in the Sun Belt Conference are set very high," said Benson.  "When individuals fail to meet our standards they must be held accountable."

The reprimands were levied as follows:


DB Andrew Tryon, who was ejected after receiving two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

LB Xavier Woodson, who was ejected for spitting on an opposing player during an extra point attempt. (The ejected player was misidentified by the officials.)

WR Tres Houston, who was cited for several unsportsmanlike acts that went unnoticed by the officials.

LB Frankie Jackson, who committed a flagrant act that went unnoticed by officials that could have caused serious injury to UL offensive tackle Mykhael Quave on an extra point attempt.


DB Corey Trim, cited for multiple acts of unsportsmanlike conduct, including throwing a punch at another player which went unnoticed by officials.

Assistant Coach Mitch Rodrigue for unsportsmanlike conduct and inappropriate bench decorum.

Strength coach Rusty Whitt for unsportsmanlike conduct and inappropriate bench decorum.

Louisiana head coach Mark Hudspeth issued the following statement through the UL Sports Information Department:

“We expect our players to play with great sportsmanship and respect for the game. This has been addressed, and even though we have not had any issues like this in the past, I’m assured that we will not have any of these in the future.

The league said it would have no further comment on the matter.


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