St. Thomas More has had plenty of athletic success in the last several years.

The Cougars have won multiple state championships in several sports recently, catching the attention of Max Preps.

STM has been recognized as the most dominant high school athletic program in the state over the last 3 years.

Max Preps, which covers high school sports across the U.S., uses a point system formula to determine the Max Preps Cup winners.

The MaxPreps Cup is a formula that awards points to state champions and runners-up in nearly 20 sports. Points are weighted with more points going to larger states than smaller states, more popular sports (as determined by NFHS participation numbers), state enrollment playoff division and the number of teams competing in each playoff division. Programs are also awarded points for being named in national rankings for various sports.

STM's 2,815 since 2018 leads all schools in Louisiana.

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