From 32 down to 2. It's time for the fans to vote and crown a champion.

On Monday, we unveiled the 32 player seeded bracket of the best New Orleans Saints player from the Sean Payton era, other than Drew Brees.

One side of the bracket was offense. The other, defense.

Its come down to the final 2, and both players are still currently on the Saints roster.

Before you vote for the champion, here's a rundown of of the final 4 results.


#1 Michael Thomas 54% > #2 Alvin Kamara 46%


#2 Cam Jordan 68% > #1 Jonathan Vilma 32%

Voting ends Saturday morning at 9am. Please share with your Saints friends.

[Update: Saturday, 9am] THE POLLS ARE CLOSED. THE WINNER IS...

#2 Cam Jordan  62% >  #1 Michael Thomas 38%

Cam Jordan takes the crown.

He just signed an extension and earned a much deserved raise. Coincidentally, many feel Michael Thomas will be the next Saint to earn a big contract extension.

Congrats to Cam Jordan on being the best Saints player of the Sean Payton era not named Drew Brees.

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