New Orleans Saints training camp rolls on in Metarie this week, and with it, more quarterback challenges.

The latest is the snoballs challenge, with an extra participant in punter Thomas Morstead.

We learned (or were reminded of) a few things from the latest Saints QB challenge.

For starters, Morstead is an elite punter, but when the Saints call a fake punt, he'll need a wider throwing radius than a Plum's snoball.

On another note, watching Drew Brees, Teddy Bridgewater and Taysom Hill struggle to hit all the snoball target is a humbling reminder of just how difficult throwing an accurate football is.

Brees is the most accurate quarterback in the history of the sport, and hitting a snoball from 10 yards away is anything but easy for him.

Lastly, the Saints QB daily challenges continue to have the occasional upset.

After offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael won the tire challenge last week, QB coach Joe Lombardi (grandson of the late great Vince Lombardi) picks up the snoball victory.

It's somewhat of a paradox. On one hand, seeing Brees struggle reminds us of how terrible we would be at the exercise. On the other, Lombardi picking up the win makes us think we could get lucky enough to hit a target or two and beat the best in the a target snoball competition.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, a small part of me thinks I could win a Saints QB challenge...if all the right pieces fell into place.

Does anyone want to grab a snoball after my show tonight? This heat is unforgiving.

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